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The College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy is a theologically based covenant community, dedicated to "recovery of the soul" and promoting competency in the clinical pastoral field.

CPSP Directories

The CPSP Directory, including a listing of our Leadership Team,
has moved to a new website: CPSP Directory

A list of our chapters and conveners may be found here: CPSP Chapters

Information about our Accredited Training Centers may also be found on
our new web site: CPSP Accredited Training Centers

The postal address for CPSP is:
P.O. Box 162
Times Square Station
New York, NY 10108
(212) 246-6410

The postal address for the CPSP Treasurer is:
Charles Kirby
CPSP Treasurer
P.O. Box 6551
Hendersonville, NC 28793-6551

Or if you have any questions about
annual dues or certification fees,
please email: