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The College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy is a theologically based covenant community, dedicated to "recovery of the soul" and promoting competency in the clinical pastoral field.

Featured Writers

Robert Powell, MD, PhD

Dr. Powell, a psychiatrist and historian, is a leading authority on Anton Boisen, Helen Flanders Dunbar and the early history of the modern pastoral care movement. Read:

Whatever Happened to CPE,

Emotionally, Soulfully, Spiritually 'Free to Think and Act' ,

"The Continued Ability to Create and Invent": Going for One Hundred Years of Clinical Pastoral Transformation

'Cooperative Inquiry' in Pastoral Care: Some Thoughts on Dr. Rodney J. Hunter's Article.

Rodney J. Hunter, PhD

Dr. Hunter is professor of Pastoral Theology at Candler School of Theology, Emory University, in Atlanta. He is one of the founders and leading spirits of the recently organized Society for Pastoral Theology. Dr. Hunter's most monumental achievement thus far is to have been the General Editor of the Dictionary of Pastoral Care and Counseling published in 1990 by Abingdon Press. Dr. Hunter addressed the CPSP 2000 Plenary on the topic: Postmodernism - What Does It Mean, and What are Its Implications for the Future of the Clinical Pastoral Movement ? Also read: Spiritual Counsel: An Art in Transition.

Raymond Lawrence, DMin

<imgDr. Lawrence is the General Secretary of CPSP.He is one of the most prolific witers in the clinical pastoral field. He is the author of Poisoning of Erros:Sexual Values in Conflict and is the publisher of Contra Mundum. He first published The Trouble with Spirituality in Contra Mundum, A Journal for Theological Reflection. The PR was granted permission to re-publish the article.

Myron Madden, PhD

<imgDr. Madden is a scholar and pastor who also serves as CPSP's Chaplain. To Love And Let Go : "Love carries the pain of separation; the sweetness of the present...makes itself a stranger to what it has gets no medicine in its own dispensary. "

Richard P. Sloan, PhD

Dr. Sloan is a professor and psychologist at the Presbyterian Medical Center, NYC. Religion, Spirituality and Medicine by Richard P. Sloan, Ph.D. : "...In no way do I view our research as a criticism of religion. In fact, I regard it as a defense of religion against interference by medicine. When medicine combines with religion in this way, it produces weak science, poor patient care and trivialized religion..."